Hemmed & Wired.

I’ll just start by saying that this week has been a mess of emotions. My dear cat, Kit (who you’ll often seen photo-bombing my pictures) became very lethargic and stopped eating and drinking water on Tuesday evening. I was not able to go to the vet with my husband and him, because I was headed for my migraine treatments the next day, so Justin had to triage us and took the cat to his usual vet after I was dropped off. The doctor gave him a dose of antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids and sent him on his way rather unconcerned. After Kit’s bloodwork revealed his kidney function was slightly elevated, the doctor had Justin bring him back in the next day and gave him more fluids and medicine, however by the time I got home from work, kitty was in bad shape.

Justin and I went back and forth for about an hour about whether to bring Kit in to a walk-in vet or ER, not sure what to do, since our normal vet had a plan, and we had hoped he would improve after already having been to the doctor twice at this point. however, Kit’s breathing got so labored, and he was so lethargic that we knew we had to take him in.

Long story short, the doctors at MedVet revealed an underlying heart issue that was exacerbated by the fluids Kit had been administered by his vet. After taking him in to the ER around 8:00pm on Thursday, by noon on Friday, we were able to take him home. Kit will need to be on medication to support his heart health for the rest of his life, and we’ll need to work with his new doctors to balance his fluid intake, but we are so relieved to have him back home, and seeming much more like himself. A huge thank you to the doctors at Animal Care Center Chicago and MedVet, who saved my kitty’s life.

Going through that fear and anxiety, on top of the chaos of a normal work week made me want to get the house clean and organized, so that I could really relax and focus on spending time with Kit and Justin, and getting some rest before it’s back to work on Monday!

I have had a hard time finding curtains to fit the living room window which weren’t too plain, or too busy, and let in enough light. I was was pleased to find these subtle geometric print curtains at West Elm, and had a few minutes to hem them today so they fit the window much better. Last weekend, we also hung the new dining area pendant light, (also from West Elm–I had a gift card!) and I finally found some vintage-style lightbulbs that cast a nice light, and look right with the style of the pendant.

We also hung a couple of small linear art prints by our friends Jes Seamans and Dan Black of Landland near the door. The top print is of The Cortland Street Drawbridge, just around the corner from Justin and my place together, and the one below is from Jes’ rad band, Best Friends Forever. I think they prints look great together, and the pop of color in the middle of the room helps brighten up the planes of neutrals throughout the downstairs.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing rest of the weekend at home, hoping to get out in the front yard to rake tomorrow, and maybe have my friend and her sister over for a haircut and hangout tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to comment any questions or thoughts you may have. I am new to blogging, and this is a very different type of writing than the personal and critical essays I am used to in academia!  I love seeing your comments, follows, questions, and reflections on here! ❤


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