Starting things.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. I’ve been writing posts in my head, and taking pictures, and making things. Coming from a more formal writing background (I earned an MFA in nonfiction in 2014), I look forward to having an outlet aside from Facebook and Instagram to document my thoughts; not just on design and home projects, but also on the world around me.

We live in such a meta world. With a reality TV star about to be sworn in as president, and “the news” suddenly becoming news, I am looking forward to returning to basics–to thinking, to writing, to documenting, and to creating. I am not totally sure where this blog will go, but I look forward to having a repository for images and words again, and hope that it can serve as an inspiration or even just a wall to bounce ideas against.

So with that, here we go! I’ll share more about myself as this evolves, but for now its off to the project room…

Today is Sunday, January 15th, 2017. My husband and I are about to eat toast and English muffins, and get started on a quick project–staining an 8 ft tabletop desk in our project room. We found the countertop (a solid beechwood slab) at Ikea on sale a couple of weeks ago, and eagerly affixed it to a small drawer set and legs. We are hoping to stain the top and finish it with a Minwax polycoat to deepen the hue of the wood and bring it closer to the color of the floors. Here are a few photos of the room as it is now, and I will share process photos of the staining process as we progress!




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